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Yoga Instructor Keith Fox Arrested

Keith Fox was a yoga instructor arrested this week for having sex with his 15-year-old student. He was 59.

As you might imagine, this allegation is extremely serious. Fox faces not only the possibility of a lengthy incarceration if convicted, but also will be required to register as a sexual offender.

Registration is the state’s way of saying, “we know you served your time, but we don’t care because we think you are still too dangerous to be left alone.”

I find these laws to be very frustrating. On one hand, registration laws can lead to shorter periods of incarceration for those convicted of sex offenses because the prosecutor may feel they can adequately protect society without incarceration. On the other hand, it is really unfair to continue to penalize someone after they served their time.

Registration laws also often lead to additional incarceration later because failure to register as required is also a felony punishable by lengthy prison time.

Mr. Fox’s lawyer has his or work cut out for him. Hopefully, he or she is up to the task.

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