There are a great number of sexual offenses with which one can be charged in the State of Florida ranging from sexual battery to lewd or lascivious offenses (molestation, conduct, or exhibition).  The exact circumstances of each offense dictate the crime or crimes with which a person can be charged and the potential punishment involved.  In addition to a possible, and sometimes mandatory, prison sentence, an individual convicted of a sexual offense can face registration requirements either as an offender (less restrictive) or a predator (more restrictive).  When the individual fails to register in accordance with the law, he or she can be charged with Failure to Register and face additional prison time.  People designated as sexual offenders and/or predators often face restrictions on where they can live once they have been released from custody.  Sometimes, the government can seek an involuntary civil commitment under the Jimmy Ryce Act for an indeterminate amount of time when a person has served a prison sentence for certain sexual offenses.

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