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How should I dress for court?

Many asked how should they dress for court. The state of Florida does not have a prescribed dress codes for court dates, but dressing for court is actually important to your appearance at your hearing, trail or court date.

Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to tell you how you shouldn’t dress for court.  If you are charged with DUI, do not wear your Budweiser t-shirt.  If you are charged with possession of marijuana, don’t wear clothing expressing your belief that marijuana should be legalized.  If you are charged with possession of child pornography, do not wear your “World’s Best Grandpa” hat. It is all about the appearance you are telling the court during your hearing or trail. You do not want to wear anything damaging your appearance with a beer can t-shirt during your DUI case.

But seriously, you should dress for court as you would dress for an important business meeting or as you would if you were going to a religious service.  What is important to remember is, whether you are guilty or not, the people in the courtroom will have a big impact on your life and your liberty.   The judge and the prosecutor will be making decisions about how to treat you in the coming months.  I am not suggesting that wearing a suit will win the day.  But, failing to show respect for the courtroom by dressing like you are going to a happy hour can’t possibly help your cause.

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