So the truth is there are a lot of really great public defenders out there. Lawyers that do an outstanding job and there are also a lot of excellent private criminal attorneys. And unfortunately, there are a lot of bad private lawyers and bad public defenders. When you go with the public defender, you may get a great one. And the problem is that the public defender is going to have a lot of clients. A public defender might have a hundred clients at a time. Whereas a private attorney may have between 10 and 15 clients at a time and so the reality is is that if you’re an excellent lawyer, and you just have too many cases, you can’t devote the time and attention that’s necessary to do the best job possible for your client. But a private attorney who doesn’t have that many cases, he can probably do that for you. I’m Scott Barry with Scott Berry Law, and I’m defending your freedom one client at a time.

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