At Scott Berry Law, we believe the defense of your freedom should not depend on the size of your bank account. For that reason, we try to keep our fees reasonable and competitive, while recognizing our firm tries to provide outstanding service regardless of the price.


 Misdemeanors, Including DUIsStarting At:$2,500
 DUI Administrative Suspension Hearings $750
3rd Degree FeloniesStarting At:$3,500
2nd Degree FeloniesStarting At: $6,500
1st Degree Felonies (Life Felonies, Federal Offenses and Other More Serious Cases)Varies
 Sealing/ Expunging Your Record $750
 Appeals and Writs$250/hour



  1. Fees are due before we begin work on your case.
  2. Trial fees are not included in these prices. Trial fees will be discussed at the initial consultation, but will not be due until 60 days prior to trial or the first calendar call, whichever is earlier.
  3. We accept cash, check, credit or debit cards and you can pay in person, over the phone or through our website.
  4. Listed prices are for cases originating in Palm Beach County only.
  5. Prices for more serious felonies, federal charges, out of county cases, and cases involving multiple counts or defendants vary depending on the amount of work the attorney anticipates will be involved in the representation.
  6. Prices for violations of probation will be based on the charge for which you are on probation. For example, if you are on probation for a 3rd degree felony, the price will be based on the price listed for 3rd degree felonies.
  7. Costs are not included in the listed prices. Additional costs could include fees for expert witness, court reporters, process servers, private investigators, and out-of-county travel expenses for the attorney. Credit and debit cards cannot be used to pay costs.

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