When an individual enters someone’s home or some other structure or vehicle without permission, they commit the crime of Trespass.  Trespass is a misdemeanor.  However, when an individual enters that same property with the intent to commit another offense inside, the crime is Burglary.  It is important to note that the person does not have to complete the intended offense for the crime of Burglary to be charged.  The act of entering the property with the intent is enough to prove Burglary.  Burglary is a felony and the punishment for it depends on the circumstances of the particular offense.  For instance, if the intended crime is theft, the punishment will typically be no more than 15 years.  However, if an assault or battery occurs while committing the offense, the severity increases to a possible life sentence.  Use of a firearm or deadly weapon will also increase the maximum possible sentence.

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