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Bill Weed Under Arrest for Video Voyeurism

Bill Weed was a teacher, cross country coach, and athletic director at Palm Beach Gardens High. He was removed from those positions recently as a result of a child sexual exploitation investigation. He was arrested this week for video voyeurism.

According to the Palm Beach Post, a child said Weed gave him a clock as a gift which turned out to be a WiFi operated camera. The camera had been in the child’s bedroom and apparently recorded a number of images and videos of the child in varying states of undress.

Back in March, police searched Weed’s home looking for videos and images of children after getting a search warrant to authorize the search.

The Fourth Amendment requires police to obtain a search warrant before they enter your home and search it. There are very few exceptions to this rule. To get the warrant, police need to provide a judge with “probable cause” to believe they will find evidence of a crime with their search. Probable cause basically means the cops need to have a good reason to believe such evidence will be found. Typically, police will have conducted some investigation that leads them to believe they will find evidence in the house.

The warrant needs to be specific and outline what the police think they will find. If they find things they weren’t looking for, they may not be able to use them unless they were searching in a place they were allowed to be.

The rule is you can’t look for an elephant in a breadbox. In other words, if the warrant authorizes police to look for an elephant, and they look inside a breadbox and find contraband, they won’t be able to use it because they could not have reasonably found the elephant there.

Unfortunately, with things like videos and porn, there are a lot of places they could search.

Hopefully, Mr. Weed has hired a good criminal defense lawyer who can examine that warrant and the process used to obtain it. If the cops found anything incriminating, his lawyer may be able to ask a court to throw out the evidence if the police didn’t follow the rules.

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