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If you've been arrested or believe you are being investigated for a crime, you need a criminal defense attorney. An attorney who specializes in criminal defense will have the experience and qualifications to help you through this difficult time. Scott Berry is that attorney. He has spent his entire career, of more than 15 years, as a criminal defense lawyer. He is board certified in the area of criminal trials, a distinction earned by less than 7% of attorneys throughout the entire state of Florida. He is considered an expert in criminal trial law. Most importantly, he has handled matters in both state and federal court ranging from domestic violence and DUIs to first-degree murder.


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Abuse and Neglect: Often charged as child or elderly neglect and abuse, these crimes will be charged when injury results to a child or elderly adult as a result of a caregiver’s intentional actions or failure to provide reasonable care. Depending on the nature of the injury, these crimes can carry a sentence ranging from probation to many years in prison.
Assault and Battery: Anytime you threaten to harm another person, with the apparent ability to carry out that threat, you have committed an assault. If you actually touch another person, you have committed a battery. While both crimes are misdemeanors, they can quickly become felonies with very serious consequences and possible prison time. More importantly, there are several defenses to these accusations that your lawyer should consider.
Juvenile Delinquency: Children who commit crimes can find themselves in juvenile court or even charged as adults, depending on the nature and seriousness of the offense
Drug Offenses: Possessing or selling drugs can lead to lengthy prison sentences. Depending on the amount of drugs, you could also be charged with trafficking in state or federal court. Whether you are charged with a crime involving marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or prescription drugs, you need an expert criminal defense attorney to help you avoid mandatory minimum prison sentences, otherwise lengthy incarceration, costly fines, probation, and even a driver’s license suspension.
DUI/DWI: Thousands of people are charged with DUI/DWI every day. Breathalyzer tests, blood tests, and field sobriety exercises are just some of the tools the government will use to try to take away your freedom when the police and prosecutors believe you have been driving under the influence. A criminal defense attorney can help you fight back.
Federal Crimes: When the federal government comes knocking, you can be sure the consequences will be severe. Whether they accuse you of human, drug or firearm trafficking or cyber-crimes and financial fraud, the federal government has vast resources to take away your freedom. They play by different rules than the local police and you need a lawyer with the skill set to combat them.
Criminal Mischief and Arson: Both of these crimes involve property damage. If you are charged with Arson, the damage resulted from a fire. Both crimes can lead to time in prison with the punishment increasing based on the amount of resulting damage.
Fraud and Theft: Theft is the deprivation of another person’s property and fraud is one way of committing theft. These crimes can be charged as felonies or misdemeanors and can have very serious consequences. Not only could these crimes land you in prison, but your reputation for dishonesty, particularly with future employers, can be a collateral consequence of the accusation itself.
Burglary and Trespassing: When you are accused of breaking into someone’s house or vehicle, you are likely to be charged with burglary. The difference between burglary and trespassing lies in your intention. If you intended to commit another crime once you got inside (like stealing things or hurting someone), you’ve committed a burglary. If your intention was not to commit another crime, you were merely trespassing by being on someone’s property without their permission.
Kidnapping and False Imprisonment: False imprisonment occurs when someone’s freedom to move is restricted by another person. Kidnapping is false imprisonment with a purpose. The purpose is usually to aid in committing some other felony. Both charges are felonies and can carry lengthy incarceration as a consequence.
Murder and Manslaughter: The difference between murder and manslaughter is one of intent. First-degree murder is one that was premeditated, or committed during the course of other serious felonies. Second-degree murder was committed with ill will, spite, hatred or evil intent. Manslaughter occurs when your behavior is reckless and results in another person's death.
Vehicular Homicide and DUI Manslaughter: Driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance becomes significantly more serious if someone dies as a result. Both are felonies punishable by up to 15 years in prison.
Sexual Offenses: Rape, molestation, and child pornography can result in lengthy incarceration, registration requirements, and even civil commitment. Simply being accused will destroy your reputation.

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I hired Scott and his firm to handle my DUI case and could not have been happier with his services! He was straight forward with all possibilities and very knowledgeable. He kept a great line of communication and was always available for questions and concerns. If ever needed, I would hands down utilize Scott and his firm again, and would wholeheartedly recommend him!

Criminal Defense Lawyer in West Palm Beach That’s Used To Working on Serious Felony Cases

As a criminal defense attorney in West Palm Beach, Scott Berry has represented thousands of clients facing charges like these, as well as many others related to them. During his years in criminal law, he has fought for the rights of people like you, both as a public defender and in private practice. His experience, knowledge of the Florida and federal legal systems, and unwavering approach to upholding justice make him the right choice to represent you.

Don't Try to Fight the Criminal Justice System Alone !

Criminal charges carry harsh penalties. Even a misdemeanor can have lifelong repercussions. The potential costs span well beyond fines and restitution, making ordinary matters like finding a job or being approved for a rental agreement very difficult. You need West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer Scott Berry on your side, putting his skills and experience to work for you.

Admitted to the Bar of the State of Florida, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court as well as board certified in criminal trial law by the Florida Board of Specialization and Legal Education, Scott Berry stands ready to defend you against any criminal charges you may be facing.

From felony charges to juvenile cases, Scott Berry is here to help you. Contact him by phone at (561) 370-7420 or via the Contact form on the Scott Berry Law website to schedule a consultation, and breathe easier knowing you’re in the hands of a dedicated and highly qualified West Palm Beach criminal attorney who wants to help you.

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