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Getting Out of Jail after You Have Been Arrested

In most cases within 24 hours of your arrest, you’re going to appear before a judge. And that judge is going to assess whether to set a bond in your case and if so how much of a bond to set. So let’s talk a little bit about what a bond is. A bond is an amount of money that you can pay to get out of jail and there are two ways to pay that bond. One way you can pay the bond is just pay it yourself. You have the cash. The bond is $10,000 and you pay the $10,000 you get out of jail. Now you get that money back at the end of the case, as long as you appear in court when you’re supposed to and you stay out of trouble.

The other way to pay that bond is through a bondsman and typically a bondsman is going to take 10% of whatever the bond is as their fee and they’ll put up the rest of the bond to get you out of jail. And again as long as you return to court when you’re supposed to, the bondsman gets his money back. If you don’t return to court when you’re supposed to or you get more trouble while you’re out the bondsman is going to lose his money, so one of the things he’s going to want is some collateral. He’s going to want the deed to your house or title to your car. Something he can hold on to, to sell off if you don’t show up and he loses his money. Assuming you show up and do what you’re supposed to do, he’ll get his money back, you’ll get your deed or your title back and you can move on with your life. That’s how you get out of jail while you’re fighting your case. I’m Scott Berry with Scott Berry Law and I’m defending your freedom one client at a time.

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